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Indiana has a wide variety of Cabin Rental options. The term cabin fits a very wide range of lodging types. The types of cabins vary so widely that anything that is not considered either a hotel or a bed and breakfast can be considered a cabin.

You may be thinking of a cabin as a 100 year old log cabin that Abraham Lincoln may have lived in. These exist, but they are not the norm. Anything from a large house to a small camping cabin are what you will find. The various types are discussed below.

Traditional Cabins Floating Cabins Camping Cabins Houseboats Cabins with Hot Tub

Cabins with Swimming Pool Pet Friendly Cabins Family Friendly Cabins Large Group Cabins


traditional cabinTraditional Cabins

The normal Cabin is more like a house. You will find bedrooms, living room, kitchen, etc. These are widely available in Indiana. You will find regular houses, log cabins, mobile homes and occasionally RV’s rented as cabins. These can be offered by cabin rental companies, or they can be houses for rent by individuals. The Indiana Dunes area is noted for having a lot of vacation houses available for rent. Traditional cabins include:

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floating cabinFloating Cabins

Houseboats that are docked and cabins that float on the water make excellent choices for people wishing to fish or have ready access to their boats. Patoka Lake is the only place known to have these sort of accommodations. Floating cabins include:


camping cabinCamping Cabins

Camping Cabins are generally smaller, and you will likely still need to bring your camping gear (everything but the tent). Camping cabins often have electricity, heating and air conditioning. They may or may not have a bathroom, shower, water or kitchen facilities. These cabins are commonly found throughout Indiana. Camping cabins include:



Houseboats offer the best of both worlds - they're comfortable cabins, and they're boats that can take you to the good fishing or swimming. Patoka Lake is the only place in Indiana that rents houseboats.


cabin rental with hot tubCabins with Hot Tubs

Many cabin rentals in Indiana offer hot tubs. These are usually private hot tubs, although some are communal. Cabins with hot tubs include:

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cabin rentals with swimming poolsCabins with Swimming Pools

Several cabin rentals in Indiana offer a private swimming pool, or shared access to a pool. Cabins with swimming pools include:

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pet-friendly cabinsPet Friendly Cabins

Your furry friend needs a vacation too, right? Some rental cabins allow you to bring your pet. Pet-friendly cabins include:

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family friendly cabinFamily Friendly Cabins

Not all cabin rentals allow children, although a great number of them do. If you're looking for places your whole family can enjoy, this is the place to start. Family friendly cabins include:

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large group cabinLarge Group Cabins

Perhaps you have several couples who want to vacation together. Or, maybe you want someplace for a weekend family reunion. Whether your large group of people is related or not, there are loads of cabins and vacation rental with 3+ bedrooms, and that's what you find here. Large group cabins include:

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